Ghosts of the Rebellion

New Acquisitions - Scene 1

All is quiet on the Rebel front. In the wake of their defeat at Hoth, the Rebel Alliance has gone silent, no doubt attempting to regroup what remains of their paltry forces.

With the Rebel threat forced underfoot at least temporarily, the Empire will be able to turn its focus to other matters. General Veers may return to his work streamlining battlefield tactics. Senior Imperial officials may continue work on Project Pax Aurora on Naboo. And Darth Vader may resume his obsessive pursuit of the Rebel known as Skywalker.

After resting on Arbra for several rotations, Gaarara, Sortha, IG-79, and Rokarillo all saw their wounds recede and their strength return. General Dodonna, too, saw his condition stabilize, though he remained unconscious and reliant upon bacta treatments.

Finally feeling rested enough to depart, Sortha and Roke spoke with Lakshmi regarding transport. Sortha suggested leaving their captured Imperial shuttle Tydirium with Lakshmi for safekeeping, so long as Lakshmi could provide the four of them with alternative transport. Lakshmi agreed, offering Sortha full use of Shuttle 57-B. Lakshmi also informed them that she, Karn, and Dr. Boutros would be abandoning the Arbra outpost and transporting General Dodonna and the Alliance server core Sortha had recovered back to the Rebel fleet.

Sortha, Roke, Gaar, and Iggy discussed their options, and agreed they needed to obtain a permanent group transport, now that they had lost the Whistling Mynock. It was clear to all four of them that Shuttle 57-B did not represent a permanent solution.

Roke suggested the four contact a Hutt to see if they could do a job in exchange for a ship. Iggy, however, counseled that Hutt business could often be tough to escape, and instead suggested contracting a job with the more straight-dealing Onaka Gang. The others agreed, and Roke piloted them to Sriluur, where they could meet Iggy’s contact Sodo.

The heroes met Sodo at his “repair facility” on Sriluur. Though not overly excited to see the droid Iggy again, Sodo was willing to talk business with with the Droid and Sortha. After an initial attempt to swindle the group on a YT-1300 freighter, The Century Eagle, Sodo was eventually made to see reason through Sortha’s keen negotiating tactics. The deal? Sodo would give the ship to the rebels at a cut-rate price, if they’d do a “small job” for him.

Leaving Sriluur with a hold full of __________, Roke, Sortha, Gaar, and Iggy pondered their circumstances. The plan was to deliver the illicit shipment to Sriluur’s brother, _______, on Coruscant.

Fortunately for the heroes, they were met at Coruscant customs by an overworked and apathetic imperial force, who took one look at the ship and destination (a freighter modification facility) and lazily waved the group through. On the ground, the heroes had even greater luck, finding that _______ was ready and willing to accept their shipment, and even modify the ship to simplify their departure from the great city-planet.

However, the group had one more hurdle to clear. To own the ship free and clear, they would need to deliver Sodo 15,000 additional credits.

R&R on Arbra - Scene 1

While the Rebel defeat at Hoth did not lead to the utter destruction of the Alliance that we had hoped, it nonetheless succeeded in scattering their forces. Additionally, we are certain to have captured prisoners of value in the fleeing Rebel transports we apprehended.

The work of the Empire continues, on many planets in many systems in regions across the galaxy. Much of this work is vital to the core mission of the Empire, and if successful, will make the Rebel Alliance wholly irrelevant.

Rokarillo pulled the Tydirium out of hyperspace, only to discover they had arrived nowhere near the Rebel rendezvous point, but instead sat in empty space. Examining the starchart in the Tydirium’s systems, he concluded it was sorely out of date. A few mental calculations suggested they had arrived just trail-ward from Naboo, not quite halfway to the rendezvous between Hutt and Bothan space.

Sortha observed that both Gaarara and General Dodonna’s conditions were worsening. While she succeeded in stabilizing Dodonna, she suggested the two would both benefit from immediate medical attention, as would the immobilized IG-79.

Scouring the map, Sortha and Roke together realized they were very close to Arbra, where Sortha and Gaar had first encountered the Alliance. Knowing a secret outpost awaited them, Roke jumped to hyperspace to deliver Gaar, Dodoona, and Iggy to some much-needed care.

Emerging from hyperspace, however, Roke realized an Imperial shuttle was not likely to be greeted with open arms by the Rebel outpost. As he took the Tydirium into Arbra’s atmosphere, Sortha took to the comm to broadcast their sympathies. A pair of Z-95 Headhunters buzzed the shuttle, but then escorted them to the base.

Climbing out of the Headhunters were Lakshmi, the Mon Calamari commander of the outpost, and Karn, a human pilot and mechanic. The two quickly introduced Sortha and Roke to Dr. Boutros, the outpost’s Zabrak medic, who took Gaar and Dodonna into his care. A few stimpacks brought Gaar back to consciousness, though Dodonna’s age meant a slower healing process would be needed for him, as Dr. Boutros put him in a bacta tank.

Sortha spoke with Lakshmi and was surprised to discover she, Karn, and Dr. Boutros were currently the entire contingent in the Arbra Rebel outpost.

Lakshmi explained that Imperial activity on nearby Naboo had spiked several months prior, and in an effort to avoid detection, she had ordered the evacuation of the Rebels’ Arbra base in order to lessen Rebel activity in the system. The skeleton crew of three were all that remained.

She, Karn, and Dr. Boutros were convinced a major, top secret Imperial project was underway on Naboo, but to date they had been unable to gather any intelligence as to the nature of the project. Lakshmi admitted to fears that it might be another superweapon project in the vein of the Death Star.

Sortha and Lakshmi agreed that now that they were here, it made sense for Sortha and her allies to rest and recuperate on Arbra for the next few weeks.

Rescue Aboard the Inevitable - Scene 2

As the Rebels flee underground to lick their wounds, the Imperial grip grows ever tighter. Fugitive rebels, currently captured on board Imperial Star Destroyers are providing key information on Rebel strongholds. It is only a matter of time…

With the access panel to the hangar disabled and all the blast doors in the corridor shut tight, Sortha and Roke had bought themselves some precious time. Though Rebel troopers aboard Dodonna’s ship fired upon him as he boarded, Roke quickly identified himself to the crew and the group hatched a plan for escape.

As a group of stormtroopers coalesced in the hangar bay below, Roke rummaged through the storage on the ship and was pleased to discover a pair of cases containing a total of two thermal detonators and four concussion charges.

Roke tossed the first of the detonators off the edge of the landing pad, obliterating two stormtroopers and sending the other four diving for cover. Unfortunately, more stormtroopers were already entering the hangar.

Taking in the scene of battle, Sortha saw two Imperial shuttles down below. Working with the two Rebel troopers who had been aboard Dodonna’s ship, she fired her ascension gun down below, and she and one trooper shielded Dodonna and brought him to the hangar floor. Up above, Roke and the other trooper laid down cover fire, taking out stormtroopers while Roke chucked the occasional explosive.

Iggy and Gaar arrived soon thereafter, but were quickly pinned down in the doorway, unable to make progress into the hangar bay.

Finally, as the hangar’s elevator arrived carrying more stormtroopers and a troop transport, Gaar and Iggy broke from the entryway, destroying the access panel and locking the door behind them. Gaar made straight for the transport and tossed any troopers standing his way aside, then leaped behind the wheel and rammed the vehicle into more onrushing troopers.

Unfortunately, the accelerator stuck, and the transport slammed forward into the docking ramp of a parked Imperial shuttle.

Stormtroopers began closing in on Gaar, but Roke hurled his remaining thermal detonator and struck a different parked Imperial shuttle, causing a massive explosion. In the ensuing chaos, Sortha delivered General Dodonna into the single surviving shuttle, one of the two Rebel troopers was killed, and Iggy, Roke, and Gaar all raced into the shuttle behind Sortha.

Roke moved rapidly to fire up the engines if the ship, maneuvering the shuttle Tydirium out of the hangar and making the jump to hyperspace…

Rescue Aboard the Inevitable - Scene 1

The Rebel Alliance’s chaotic retreat from its base upon Hoth has sent its transports and ships fleeing right into the Empire’s clutches. Each Imperial Star Destroyer in the system is working its tractor beams on overdrive to capture the dissidents and bring them under Imperial control. The turmoil of the battlefield means it will take some time for the Empire to catalog its prisoners. Nevertheless, the intelligence the Empire will gain from these captives will prove invaluable in crushing the remaining dregs of the Rebellion.

Though they had steered the Whistling Mynock clear of the ISD Inevitable’s tractor beam, when Rokarillo, Sortha, IG-79, and Gaarara saw General Jan Dodonna‘s transport captured, they knew they had no choice but to follow it into the heart of the Star Destroyer. Steering into the Inevitable’s tractor beam, the crew quickly planned for the onslaught of Imperial might they would soon face. They knew if they were found aboard a ship fleeing Echo Base, they would be captured and tortured as Rebels.

Luckily, the equipment aboard the Whistling Mynock included breath masks and two ascension guns. When the tractor beam drew the Mynock into the central hangar of the Star Destroyer, Roke quickly lowered the ramp and the crew scrambled out onto the exterior of the HWK-290. Then, as the docking clamp carried the Mynock past a TIE hangar bay, Gaar (with Sortha in tow) and Iggy leapt toward the docked TIEs. Both Gaar and Iggy were forced to fire their ascension guns to reel themselves into the same TIE Fighter.

Roke jumped separately, and his imbalanced departure carried him past the TIE upon which the other three landed, into a separate row of docked TIEs. Roke watched as Gaar used his claws to rip open the docking tube that connected the TIE to the main ship above, then scramble in and boost himself upward. Roke followed his example, firing his DL-18 through his own docking tube, then tearing the hole wider and boosting himself up.

All four crewmembers found a decompression chamber at the top of the docking tube that they entered, then exited into a hallway of the Inevitable. Unfortunately, Gaar, Sortha, and Iggy found themselves on a different level entirely from Roke.

Thinking fast, Sortha stripped down to her underwear to better disguise herself as a Twi’lek slave. Gaar handed Iggy his pike so he could better play the part of a captured Wookiee, the fresh wounds covering his body only serving to enhance the disguise.

Meanwhile, Roke darted for cover and blew open a wall grate to access the service ducts. He yanked a storage box roughly into place to obscure the damage he’d done, then scrambled into the ducts in the direction of the Star Destroyer’s hangars in hopes of locating General Dodonna.

Iggy, Sortha, and Gaar managed to make it up to Roke’s floor without event, and quickly noticed the blown grate through which Roke had entered the ducts. Sortha scrambled in to locate him, moving swiftly to make up for lost ground. Iggy and Gaar stayed behind, both too big to move through the ducts with any speed.

Sortha caught up to Roke as he scanned hangar after hangar. The two searched together until Roke’s Dressellian eyes caught sight of the transport that contained General Dodonna. He and Sortha could tell the ship had not yet been entered or searched by Imperials, leaving hope Dodonna could be saved before being hauled off to the detention center.

The floor of the hangar lay far below, but Dodonna’s transport sat in a dedicated docking bay elevated from the floor of the hangar, one in a gridlike series of such bays against the hangar wall.

Hoping to act before the small group of Imperials roaming the hangar floor took note, Roke blew off the duct grate using his DL-18 blaster, then fired his ascension gun toward the docking bay containing Dodonna’s ship. Sortha latched onto his shoulders and with a peck on the cheek for luck, the two swung across the hangar and into the docking bay.

Meanwhile, Gaar and Iggy took to the corridors of the Inevitable looking to secure their own path to the hangars, in hopes of a desperate rescue and escape. When Roke and Sortha radioed in that they had discovered Dodonna’s ship, Gaar and Iggy were already well on their way, as Iggy discovered by hacking into a free terminal in the corridor.

As the pair hustled down the corridor to rendezvous with their companions, they were thrown aside by an Imperial transport rushing additional stormtrooper support to the hangar. Knowing that there was little time, the pair acted, perhaps a little hastily, blowing up a fuel supply room in the corridor.

This had serious consequences…

On the positive side, immediately after the explosion, the corridor’s blast doors slammed shut. This offered the advantage of trapping the stormtroopers in the corridor, away from Roke and Sortha.

On the other hand, it also left Gaar and Iggy trapped in a room full of flaming fuel canisters. Luckily, the two were able to secure a maintenance droid to put out the fire and begin the long trek toward the hangar bay.

Roke and Sortha’s next moved proved to be a similarly mixed blessing. Attempting to lock the door to Dodonna’s docking bay, Sortha’s computer skills succeeded only in jamming door, allowing no further movement on either side. Nevertheless, with the bay secure, Roke proceeded up the transport’s ramp—only to be fired upon by those within the ship…

Surviving the Frozen Planet - Scene 4

Admiral Ozzel is as clumsy as he is stupid. His poor tactical decision to bring the Imperial fleet in right on top of Hoth has left it vulnerable to the Rebellion’s ion cannon, which succeeded in disabling an Interdictor Cruiser.

But no matter—the Empire’s might is insuppressible. Already, a strike team of the finest snowtroopers has disabled the Alliance’s ion cannon. Meanwhile, General Veers leads the frontal assault on the Rebel base. This is the Empire at its finest: not seeking the element of surprise, but moving purposefully and unleashing its full might upon those that seek to resist against it. Blunders such as Ozzel’s can only delay the inevitable triumph of the Empire over any that seek to oppose it.

Using advice from Sortha and encouragement from Rokarillo, IG-79 worked quickly to disable the bomb. Unfortunately, even his droid brain was outsmarted by the latest in Imperial technology, as he succeeded only in slowing the countdown.

With mere seconds left, Gaarara acted quickly, snatching the bomb from Iggy and hurling it outside. In a massive explosion of snow, the bomb detonated harmlessly just beyond the Whistling Mynock.

The team quickly boarded the Mynock and took off, circling around the northern edge of Echo Base, away from the southern defensive. Sortha alerted the three that General Jan Dodonna was fleeing toward North Deck 3, so Roke steered the Mynock in that direction in hopes of providing escort to Dodonna’s transport.

Meanwhile, Sortha powered down the command center with the last of the Rebel officials manning it and left for North Deck 3 herself. Just as she left, she heard an ominous broadcast from the front lines:

“Imperial troops have entered the base. Imperial troops have ent—”

Fleeing the command center toward the northern hangars, Sortha saw the broadcast confirmed as snowtroopers made their way down the hallway in her direction. They fired upon her and the other officials with stun blasts—far scarier than if they had been shooting blaster bolts, as the stun blasts foreshadowed the pain of Imperial interrogation that awaited any captured Rebel of importance.

A stun blast struck Sortha with a glancing blow, forcing her to the ground—but as she lay prone, she saw the other Rebels around her hit dead-on with stun blasts, knocking many of them unconscious. Spotting one who carried a piece of the Alliance’s computer core in a backpack, Sortha thought quickly, darting from her hidden position and jerking the backpack off his paralyzed form and racing into an adjoining hallway.

Sortha then clambored into the air ducts with the backpack in tow, crawling on all fours toward North Deck 3.

Upon reaching North Deck 3, Sortha attempted to silently remove the grate and wait for the Mynock, which she hoped was incoming. Unfortunately, her stealth failed her as she sent the grate crashing to the ground, drawing the attention of the Imperial troops on the deck.

Fortunately for Sortha, as the snowtroopers prepared to fire, Roke brought the Mynock screaming into the hangar, with the ramp dropping. Gaar roared, drawing the attention of the troopers as he and Iggy scrambled down to rescue their companion.

In a fit of Wookiee rage, Gaar tore up a lower-deck access panel, bracing it with his back to cover his friends and the Mynock as the troopers switched their blaster rifles from stun to kill. Iggy returned fire until Dodonna’s transport was away, and then the droid and Sortha scrambled up the closing ramp into the Mynock.

Once everyone was aboard, and with his improvised shield slagged to molten metal around him, Gaar made a desperate lunge for the Mynock. Yet while he managed to barely scramble into the ship, he took a devastating blaster shot in the back.

Sortha and Iggy dragged the nearly unconscious Wookiee into a harness while Roke took evasive maneuvers to get the Mynock out of atmosphere. Trailing Dodonna’s ship into space, the rebels thought the worst was over until Roke’s readouts reported that Dodonna’s transport was caught in the tractor beam of an Imperial Star Destroyer….

Surviving the Frozen Planet - Scene 3

With the Rebel base located, the Empire moves swiftly to strike a crippling blow against the insurgents. The eventual doom of the Rebellion has always been undeniable, but with their base identified, the Empire has an opportunity to destroy the squalid force in one fell swoop. It is time to swat this Sacorrian grain fly.

With Echo Base preparing for evacuation, Sortha’s presence was required in the command center. Unfortunately, General Rieekan’s fears proved true much more quickly than Alliance leadership had anticipated: The Empire had located Echo Base. Either that, or three Star Destroyers had coincidentally exited hyperspace just beyond atmosphere.

What began as an orderly evacuation quickly fell into chaos as the Rebel’s best troops and pilots where summoned to the front lines to hold off the Empire’s ground forces. Though the Alliance’s planetary shield succeeded in preventing bombardment, it would only be matter of time before the Empire’s forces would overwhelm those that Echo Base had to offer, conquering the settlement, taking anything of value to the Empire, and laying waste to everything else.

Rokarillo, Gaarara, IG-79, and Sortha all agreed to see to General Dodonna’s safe escort off the planet. The selfless general had no doubt ordered his usual detail to the front lines, leaving himself vulnerable. They would need to step in to fill that gap.

Unfortunately, as Sortha prepared to leave Echo Base’s command center, she realized the signal from the Alliance’s ion cannon had fallen silent. Knowing that without the ion cannon, the entire evacuation was at risk, Sortha directed Roke, Gaar, and Iggy to investigate. The three quickly flew the Whistling Mynock to the ion cannon, where they discovered a break-in. Filing through the blaster-scored door, the three saw four Imperial snowtroopers fanned out throughout the cannon. Acting quickly, Roke and Iggy fired upon the troops, knocking two of them over guardrails and to their deaths. Simultaneously, Gaar charged the other two, unleashing the brute force of a Wookiee upon the them both and quickly defeating them.

As the three Rebels caught their breaths and exchanged congratulations, Iggy noticed a quiet beeping sound coming from further within the cannon. Hurrying in its direction, the three discovered a bomb placed by the Imperials, counting down to an explosion that would surely disable the ion cannon and kill anyone within its blast radius. And by the time they had identified it, a mere 30 seconds remained on the readout…

Surviving the Frozen Planet - Scene 2


New intelligence would suggest that the rebel terrorists will soon be located. This seems to be supported by the fact that attacks on Imperial assets have all but stopped since the terrorist acts at Yavin.

Should the new intelligence prove to be as fruitful as expected, it should be only a short time until Imperial forces catch the few remaining rebel forces. As loyal citizens know, the Empire is ever vigilant, and far-reaching. The shadows can only protect criminals for so long.


While Gaarara rested and recovered with Sortha in the “warmth” of the Hoth base, Roke and Iggy took a speeder to investigate one of many reports of feedback from sensors in the field.

Arriving at the proper location, the two smugglers at first saw nothing, but after landing the speeder and investigating the site, they managed to uncover a buried smugglers den. There was little of value on the inside, but working forward to the den’s mess hall showed just how dangerous the wasteland of Hoth can be. Finding many bodies torn to pieces and scattered everywhere, the smugglers surmised that the creatures they fought near Hoth base the previous night may be more far-ranging than they first suspected.

Collecting a broken disruptor rifle along with other minor booty and tagging the location in Iggy’s memory banks for further investigation, the two smugglers returned to base.

Upon their return, Sortha informed them of a strange encrypted broadcast signal coming from Zone 12 and moving east. The four left Echo Base in the Whistling Mynock to investigate.

As they approached, they quickly identified the source of the broadcast as what could only be an Imperial Probe Droid. Swooping in stealthily, Roke lowered the hatch, allowing Gaar to leap out and attack the droid. He quickly penetrated its defenses and even succeeded in disabling the thing before it could initiate a self-destruct.

The four returned to Echo Base with the corpse of the Probe Droid in tow and alerted General Rieekan of what they’d found. Fearing the Empire had identified the Rebel’s presence on Hoth, Rieekan ordered an evacuation.

Meanwhile, the Rebellion’s top technicians began work on the Probe Droid, hoping to glean Imperial information. Though Gaar’s friends encouraged him to seek bacta treatment for his many wounds, the Wookiee, proud of his kill, refused to leave the Probe Droid’s side.

Surviving the Frozen Planet - Scene 1

It has been little more than a month since the nefarious rebel alliance completed its wanton acts of terror on the deep-space mobile battle station, and the terrorists have already gone to ground. The few holdouts who did not flee justice were captured on Yavin, and sources say they have provided essential intelligence under enhanced interrogation. It is only a matter of time until these barbaric insurgents are brought under control.

Having routed the Empire at the battle of Yavin IV, the Rebels were granted little time to bask in the glory of their victory. While the destruction of the terrible Death Star station unquestioningly brought the galaxy some increased safety, the decisive victory has put the Rebel Alliance in more danger than ever before.

After relocating to Echo Base, carved out of the ice and stone on the remote, icy planet of Hoth, the Rebels began re-equipping and preparing for their next major undertaking. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, the Rebels’ greatest hero, Luke Skywalker, disappeared on the icy surface of the planet. To make matters worse, Captain Solo, another hero of the alliance left the base in the night to look for Skywalker in the brutally cold storm.

Knowing that neither Solo nor Skywalker were likely to be seen again, the alliance began implementing a solution that would require fewer people to be put in harm’s way on scouting missions. In order to increase the range of scanning capabilities, the base commander began sending out small squads to erect sensor arrays on the outsides of the compound, allowing for increased scanning and sensing capabilities without the need for human scouting parties…

…Reaching the top of the vertical ascent shaft, Gaarara cranked open the iris gate, feeling a blast of frigid night air as the built up snow cascaded over his fur. Directly behind him, with its back bracing the heavy load of sensor equipment the Wookiee carried, Iggy, the IG-79 unit, looked down at the fragile humanoids lower on the ladder, wondering what exactly their purpose was in this whole mission.
The droid and the Wookiee hauled the equipment over the edge and began setting it up as the Dressellian Rokarillo and the Twi’lek Sortha flanked the entrance to Echo Base, keeping an eye out for danger and clinging to the tiny bit of warmth escaping the tube.
Moments later, certain he heard something strange, Roke opened his mouth to shout out a warning just as a huge ice boulder crashed into Gaar’s shoulder. Growling with fury, the Wookiee looked around to see three huge, white, furry, horned creatures preparing to attack. Wasting no time, the Wookiee charged into the swirling snow to engage the beasts, while Iggy flipped the switch to enable the sensor array and leveled a blaster. Roke moved in, engaging his blaster as well, as Sortha took cover in the Echo Base shaft, directing the squad on the field.

Two of the beasts closed with Gaar, and the blowing snow mixed with flying white and black fur as the creatures tore at one another’s hides. Roke and Iggy, with guidance from Sortha managed to damage the third creature enough to send it tumbling off into the snow.

Fearing the worst for their companion Gaar, Roke, Iggy, and Sortha shouted for him to disengage, as he seemed to be reaching the end of his ability to face the snow creatures, but his rage made him deaf to the shouts of his companions. Fortunately for Gaar, Sortha, well trained in battle command, was able to break through his rage and convince him to fall back. As the battle broke, a second snow beast disappeared into the night, seeking easier prey, and the third, held his ground until the rebel soldiers disappeared into the entrance to Echo Base.

Fearing the worst, Roke and Sortha pressured the injured Wookiee to seek treatment from the base physicians. As Gaar received his bacta injections (being too big to fit in the base’s tank), Roke, Sortha, and Iggy reported to the base commander, who was intrigued to hear of these monstrous, feral snow creatures.

Luckily for Echo Base, a team was able to capture one of the wounded snow creatures, as it lay unconscious in the snow outside the base. The team moved it to a well-marked holding room in the facility for further study, and added an hourly check of the door’s stability to the maintenance routine of the base’s protocol droid, C3-PO.


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