Ghosts of the Rebellion

Rescue Aboard the Inevitable - Scene 1

The Rebel Alliance’s chaotic retreat from its base upon Hoth has sent its transports and ships fleeing right into the Empire’s clutches. Each Imperial Star Destroyer in the system is working its tractor beams on overdrive to capture the dissidents and bring them under Imperial control. The turmoil of the battlefield means it will take some time for the Empire to catalog its prisoners. Nevertheless, the intelligence the Empire will gain from these captives will prove invaluable in crushing the remaining dregs of the Rebellion.

Though they had steered the Whistling Mynock clear of the ISD Inevitable’s tractor beam, when Rokarillo, Sortha, IG-79, and Gaarara saw General Jan Dodonna‘s transport captured, they knew they had no choice but to follow it into the heart of the Star Destroyer. Steering into the Inevitable’s tractor beam, the crew quickly planned for the onslaught of Imperial might they would soon face. They knew if they were found aboard a ship fleeing Echo Base, they would be captured and tortured as Rebels.

Luckily, the equipment aboard the Whistling Mynock included breath masks and two ascension guns. When the tractor beam drew the Mynock into the central hangar of the Star Destroyer, Roke quickly lowered the ramp and the crew scrambled out onto the exterior of the HWK-290. Then, as the docking clamp carried the Mynock past a TIE hangar bay, Gaar (with Sortha in tow) and Iggy leapt toward the docked TIEs. Both Gaar and Iggy were forced to fire their ascension guns to reel themselves into the same TIE Fighter.

Roke jumped separately, and his imbalanced departure carried him past the TIE upon which the other three landed, into a separate row of docked TIEs. Roke watched as Gaar used his claws to rip open the docking tube that connected the TIE to the main ship above, then scramble in and boost himself upward. Roke followed his example, firing his DL-18 through his own docking tube, then tearing the hole wider and boosting himself up.

All four crewmembers found a decompression chamber at the top of the docking tube that they entered, then exited into a hallway of the Inevitable. Unfortunately, Gaar, Sortha, and Iggy found themselves on a different level entirely from Roke.

Thinking fast, Sortha stripped down to her underwear to better disguise herself as a Twi’lek slave. Gaar handed Iggy his pike so he could better play the part of a captured Wookiee, the fresh wounds covering his body only serving to enhance the disguise.

Meanwhile, Roke darted for cover and blew open a wall grate to access the service ducts. He yanked a storage box roughly into place to obscure the damage he’d done, then scrambled into the ducts in the direction of the Star Destroyer’s hangars in hopes of locating General Dodonna.

Iggy, Sortha, and Gaar managed to make it up to Roke’s floor without event, and quickly noticed the blown grate through which Roke had entered the ducts. Sortha scrambled in to locate him, moving swiftly to make up for lost ground. Iggy and Gaar stayed behind, both too big to move through the ducts with any speed.

Sortha caught up to Roke as he scanned hangar after hangar. The two searched together until Roke’s Dressellian eyes caught sight of the transport that contained General Dodonna. He and Sortha could tell the ship had not yet been entered or searched by Imperials, leaving hope Dodonna could be saved before being hauled off to the detention center.

The floor of the hangar lay far below, but Dodonna’s transport sat in a dedicated docking bay elevated from the floor of the hangar, one in a gridlike series of such bays against the hangar wall.

Hoping to act before the small group of Imperials roaming the hangar floor took note, Roke blew off the duct grate using his DL-18 blaster, then fired his ascension gun toward the docking bay containing Dodonna’s ship. Sortha latched onto his shoulders and with a peck on the cheek for luck, the two swung across the hangar and into the docking bay.

Meanwhile, Gaar and Iggy took to the corridors of the Inevitable looking to secure their own path to the hangars, in hopes of a desperate rescue and escape. When Roke and Sortha radioed in that they had discovered Dodonna’s ship, Gaar and Iggy were already well on their way, as Iggy discovered by hacking into a free terminal in the corridor.

As the pair hustled down the corridor to rendezvous with their companions, they were thrown aside by an Imperial transport rushing additional stormtrooper support to the hangar. Knowing that there was little time, the pair acted, perhaps a little hastily, blowing up a fuel supply room in the corridor.

This had serious consequences…

On the positive side, immediately after the explosion, the corridor’s blast doors slammed shut. This offered the advantage of trapping the stormtroopers in the corridor, away from Roke and Sortha.

On the other hand, it also left Gaar and Iggy trapped in a room full of flaming fuel canisters. Luckily, the two were able to secure a maintenance droid to put out the fire and begin the long trek toward the hangar bay.

Roke and Sortha’s next moved proved to be a similarly mixed blessing. Attempting to lock the door to Dodonna’s docking bay, Sortha’s computer skills succeeded only in jamming door, allowing no further movement on either side. Nevertheless, with the bay secure, Roke proceeded up the transport’s ramp—only to be fired upon by those within the ship…



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