Ghosts of the Rebellion

Rescue Aboard the Inevitable - Scene 2

As the Rebels flee underground to lick their wounds, the Imperial grip grows ever tighter. Fugitive rebels, currently captured on board Imperial Star Destroyers are providing key information on Rebel strongholds. It is only a matter of time…

With the access panel to the hangar disabled and all the blast doors in the corridor shut tight, Sortha and Roke had bought themselves some precious time. Though Rebel troopers aboard Dodonna’s ship fired upon him as he boarded, Roke quickly identified himself to the crew and the group hatched a plan for escape.

As a group of stormtroopers coalesced in the hangar bay below, Roke rummaged through the storage on the ship and was pleased to discover a pair of cases containing a total of two thermal detonators and four concussion charges.

Roke tossed the first of the detonators off the edge of the landing pad, obliterating two stormtroopers and sending the other four diving for cover. Unfortunately, more stormtroopers were already entering the hangar.

Taking in the scene of battle, Sortha saw two Imperial shuttles down below. Working with the two Rebel troopers who had been aboard Dodonna’s ship, she fired her ascension gun down below, and she and one trooper shielded Dodonna and brought him to the hangar floor. Up above, Roke and the other trooper laid down cover fire, taking out stormtroopers while Roke chucked the occasional explosive.

Iggy and Gaar arrived soon thereafter, but were quickly pinned down in the doorway, unable to make progress into the hangar bay.

Finally, as the hangar’s elevator arrived carrying more stormtroopers and a troop transport, Gaar and Iggy broke from the entryway, destroying the access panel and locking the door behind them. Gaar made straight for the transport and tossed any troopers standing his way aside, then leaped behind the wheel and rammed the vehicle into more onrushing troopers.

Unfortunately, the accelerator stuck, and the transport slammed forward into the docking ramp of a parked Imperial shuttle.

Stormtroopers began closing in on Gaar, but Roke hurled his remaining thermal detonator and struck a different parked Imperial shuttle, causing a massive explosion. In the ensuing chaos, Sortha delivered General Dodonna into the single surviving shuttle, one of the two Rebel troopers was killed, and Iggy, Roke, and Gaar all raced into the shuttle behind Sortha.

Roke moved rapidly to fire up the engines if the ship, maneuvering the shuttle Tydirium out of the hangar and making the jump to hyperspace…



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