Ghosts of the Rebellion

R&R on Arbra - Scene 1

While the Rebel defeat at Hoth did not lead to the utter destruction of the Alliance that we had hoped, it nonetheless succeeded in scattering their forces. Additionally, we are certain to have captured prisoners of value in the fleeing Rebel transports we apprehended.

The work of the Empire continues, on many planets in many systems in regions across the galaxy. Much of this work is vital to the core mission of the Empire, and if successful, will make the Rebel Alliance wholly irrelevant.

Rokarillo pulled the Tydirium out of hyperspace, only to discover they had arrived nowhere near the Rebel rendezvous point, but instead sat in empty space. Examining the starchart in the Tydirium’s systems, he concluded it was sorely out of date. A few mental calculations suggested they had arrived just trail-ward from Naboo, not quite halfway to the rendezvous between Hutt and Bothan space.

Sortha observed that both Gaarara and General Dodonna’s conditions were worsening. While she succeeded in stabilizing Dodonna, she suggested the two would both benefit from immediate medical attention, as would the immobilized IG-79.

Scouring the map, Sortha and Roke together realized they were very close to Arbra, where Sortha and Gaar had first encountered the Alliance. Knowing a secret outpost awaited them, Roke jumped to hyperspace to deliver Gaar, Dodoona, and Iggy to some much-needed care.

Emerging from hyperspace, however, Roke realized an Imperial shuttle was not likely to be greeted with open arms by the Rebel outpost. As he took the Tydirium into Arbra’s atmosphere, Sortha took to the comm to broadcast their sympathies. A pair of Z-95 Headhunters buzzed the shuttle, but then escorted them to the base.

Climbing out of the Headhunters were Lakshmi, the Mon Calamari commander of the outpost, and Karn, a human pilot and mechanic. The two quickly introduced Sortha and Roke to Dr. Boutros, the outpost’s Zabrak medic, who took Gaar and Dodonna into his care. A few stimpacks brought Gaar back to consciousness, though Dodonna’s age meant a slower healing process would be needed for him, as Dr. Boutros put him in a bacta tank.

Sortha spoke with Lakshmi and was surprised to discover she, Karn, and Dr. Boutros were currently the entire contingent in the Arbra Rebel outpost.

Lakshmi explained that Imperial activity on nearby Naboo had spiked several months prior, and in an effort to avoid detection, she had ordered the evacuation of the Rebels’ Arbra base in order to lessen Rebel activity in the system. The skeleton crew of three were all that remained.

She, Karn, and Dr. Boutros were convinced a major, top secret Imperial project was underway on Naboo, but to date they had been unable to gather any intelligence as to the nature of the project. Lakshmi admitted to fears that it might be another superweapon project in the vein of the Death Star.

Sortha and Lakshmi agreed that now that they were here, it made sense for Sortha and her allies to rest and recuperate on Arbra for the next few weeks.



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