Ghosts of the Rebellion

Surviving the Frozen Planet - Scene 1

It has been little more than a month since the nefarious rebel alliance completed its wanton acts of terror on the deep-space mobile battle station, and the terrorists have already gone to ground. The few holdouts who did not flee justice were captured on Yavin, and sources say they have provided essential intelligence under enhanced interrogation. It is only a matter of time until these barbaric insurgents are brought under control.

Having routed the Empire at the battle of Yavin IV, the Rebels were granted little time to bask in the glory of their victory. While the destruction of the terrible Death Star station unquestioningly brought the galaxy some increased safety, the decisive victory has put the Rebel Alliance in more danger than ever before.

After relocating to Echo Base, carved out of the ice and stone on the remote, icy planet of Hoth, the Rebels began re-equipping and preparing for their next major undertaking. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, the Rebels’ greatest hero, Luke Skywalker, disappeared on the icy surface of the planet. To make matters worse, Captain Solo, another hero of the alliance left the base in the night to look for Skywalker in the brutally cold storm.

Knowing that neither Solo nor Skywalker were likely to be seen again, the alliance began implementing a solution that would require fewer people to be put in harm’s way on scouting missions. In order to increase the range of scanning capabilities, the base commander began sending out small squads to erect sensor arrays on the outsides of the compound, allowing for increased scanning and sensing capabilities without the need for human scouting parties…

…Reaching the top of the vertical ascent shaft, Gaarara cranked open the iris gate, feeling a blast of frigid night air as the built up snow cascaded over his fur. Directly behind him, with its back bracing the heavy load of sensor equipment the Wookiee carried, Iggy, the IG-79 unit, looked down at the fragile humanoids lower on the ladder, wondering what exactly their purpose was in this whole mission.
The droid and the Wookiee hauled the equipment over the edge and began setting it up as the Dressellian Rokarillo and the Twi’lek Sortha flanked the entrance to Echo Base, keeping an eye out for danger and clinging to the tiny bit of warmth escaping the tube.
Moments later, certain he heard something strange, Roke opened his mouth to shout out a warning just as a huge ice boulder crashed into Gaar’s shoulder. Growling with fury, the Wookiee looked around to see three huge, white, furry, horned creatures preparing to attack. Wasting no time, the Wookiee charged into the swirling snow to engage the beasts, while Iggy flipped the switch to enable the sensor array and leveled a blaster. Roke moved in, engaging his blaster as well, as Sortha took cover in the Echo Base shaft, directing the squad on the field.

Two of the beasts closed with Gaar, and the blowing snow mixed with flying white and black fur as the creatures tore at one another’s hides. Roke and Iggy, with guidance from Sortha managed to damage the third creature enough to send it tumbling off into the snow.

Fearing the worst for their companion Gaar, Roke, Iggy, and Sortha shouted for him to disengage, as he seemed to be reaching the end of his ability to face the snow creatures, but his rage made him deaf to the shouts of his companions. Fortunately for Gaar, Sortha, well trained in battle command, was able to break through his rage and convince him to fall back. As the battle broke, a second snow beast disappeared into the night, seeking easier prey, and the third, held his ground until the rebel soldiers disappeared into the entrance to Echo Base.

Fearing the worst, Roke and Sortha pressured the injured Wookiee to seek treatment from the base physicians. As Gaar received his bacta injections (being too big to fit in the base’s tank), Roke, Sortha, and Iggy reported to the base commander, who was intrigued to hear of these monstrous, feral snow creatures.

Luckily for Echo Base, a team was able to capture one of the wounded snow creatures, as it lay unconscious in the snow outside the base. The team moved it to a well-marked holding room in the facility for further study, and added an hourly check of the door’s stability to the maintenance routine of the base’s protocol droid, C3-PO.



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