Ghosts of the Rebellion

Surviving the Frozen Planet - Scene 2


New intelligence would suggest that the rebel terrorists will soon be located. This seems to be supported by the fact that attacks on Imperial assets have all but stopped since the terrorist acts at Yavin.

Should the new intelligence prove to be as fruitful as expected, it should be only a short time until Imperial forces catch the few remaining rebel forces. As loyal citizens know, the Empire is ever vigilant, and far-reaching. The shadows can only protect criminals for so long.


While Gaarara rested and recovered with Sortha in the “warmth” of the Hoth base, Roke and Iggy took a speeder to investigate one of many reports of feedback from sensors in the field.

Arriving at the proper location, the two smugglers at first saw nothing, but after landing the speeder and investigating the site, they managed to uncover a buried smugglers den. There was little of value on the inside, but working forward to the den’s mess hall showed just how dangerous the wasteland of Hoth can be. Finding many bodies torn to pieces and scattered everywhere, the smugglers surmised that the creatures they fought near Hoth base the previous night may be more far-ranging than they first suspected.

Collecting a broken disruptor rifle along with other minor booty and tagging the location in Iggy’s memory banks for further investigation, the two smugglers returned to base.

Upon their return, Sortha informed them of a strange encrypted broadcast signal coming from Zone 12 and moving east. The four left Echo Base in the Whistling Mynock to investigate.

As they approached, they quickly identified the source of the broadcast as what could only be an Imperial Probe Droid. Swooping in stealthily, Roke lowered the hatch, allowing Gaar to leap out and attack the droid. He quickly penetrated its defenses and even succeeded in disabling the thing before it could initiate a self-destruct.

The four returned to Echo Base with the corpse of the Probe Droid in tow and alerted General Rieekan of what they’d found. Fearing the Empire had identified the Rebel’s presence on Hoth, Rieekan ordered an evacuation.

Meanwhile, the Rebellion’s top technicians began work on the Probe Droid, hoping to glean Imperial information. Though Gaar’s friends encouraged him to seek bacta treatment for his many wounds, the Wookiee, proud of his kill, refused to leave the Probe Droid’s side.



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