Ghosts of the Rebellion

Surviving the Frozen Planet - Scene 3

With the Rebel base located, the Empire moves swiftly to strike a crippling blow against the insurgents. The eventual doom of the Rebellion has always been undeniable, but with their base identified, the Empire has an opportunity to destroy the squalid force in one fell swoop. It is time to swat this Sacorrian grain fly.

With Echo Base preparing for evacuation, Sortha’s presence was required in the command center. Unfortunately, General Rieekan’s fears proved true much more quickly than Alliance leadership had anticipated: The Empire had located Echo Base. Either that, or three Star Destroyers had coincidentally exited hyperspace just beyond atmosphere.

What began as an orderly evacuation quickly fell into chaos as the Rebel’s best troops and pilots where summoned to the front lines to hold off the Empire’s ground forces. Though the Alliance’s planetary shield succeeded in preventing bombardment, it would only be matter of time before the Empire’s forces would overwhelm those that Echo Base had to offer, conquering the settlement, taking anything of value to the Empire, and laying waste to everything else.

Rokarillo, Gaarara, IG-79, and Sortha all agreed to see to General Dodonna’s safe escort off the planet. The selfless general had no doubt ordered his usual detail to the front lines, leaving himself vulnerable. They would need to step in to fill that gap.

Unfortunately, as Sortha prepared to leave Echo Base’s command center, she realized the signal from the Alliance’s ion cannon had fallen silent. Knowing that without the ion cannon, the entire evacuation was at risk, Sortha directed Roke, Gaar, and Iggy to investigate. The three quickly flew the Whistling Mynock to the ion cannon, where they discovered a break-in. Filing through the blaster-scored door, the three saw four Imperial snowtroopers fanned out throughout the cannon. Acting quickly, Roke and Iggy fired upon the troops, knocking two of them over guardrails and to their deaths. Simultaneously, Gaar charged the other two, unleashing the brute force of a Wookiee upon the them both and quickly defeating them.

As the three Rebels caught their breaths and exchanged congratulations, Iggy noticed a quiet beeping sound coming from further within the cannon. Hurrying in its direction, the three discovered a bomb placed by the Imperials, counting down to an explosion that would surely disable the ion cannon and kill anyone within its blast radius. And by the time they had identified it, a mere 30 seconds remained on the readout…



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