Wookiee Marauder


Before the Battle of Yavin IV was just a crazy idea, Gaarara, along with five other strong Wookiee friends was tasked with leaving the treetop sanctuary of Kashyyyk, and sent into the deadly jungle below in order to ensure that no matter what the Empire should choose to do with the Wookiee stronghold, the race would survive well into the future.

In the dangerous jungles, the Wookiees grew even stronger, though, perhaps, quite a bit less civilized, defending themselves against countless threats that called Kashyyyk home.

Gaarara’s life would change completely when a group of Trandoshan slavers caught wind of the separated Wookiees, and made a planetary landing on Kashyyyk to capture them. Fortunately for Gaarara and his companions, the Trandoshans were an insignificant threat when compared to the jungle dangers they had faced for years. However, after easily dispatching the Trandoshan landing party, the Wookiees made the decision to take the landing craft back to the Trandoshan orbital ship to surprise the remainder of the slaver party.

Unfortunately for the Wookiees, the slavers on the orbital ship were significantly smarter than the landing party, and discovered something was amiss when the Wookiees tried to dock. As the Trandoshans took flight, the Wookiees decided to pursue.

Seeking refuge on a planet that they expected to be uninhabited, the Trandoshans entered atmosphere on Arbra to escape their pursuers. Little did they know, the Rebel Alliance had already begun setting up a temporary base on the planet, with surface-to-air defenses. The planetary defenses made short work of the Trandoshan slaver ship; however, the Wookiees, who pursued the Trandoshans into atmosphere fared no better, finding themselves shot down almost immediately.

Gaarara lost consciousness as the ship made impact. The next he knew, he awoke in a bacta tank next to a Twi’lek woman, Sortha, the only other survivor from either of the two ships.

Realizing what they had done, the Rebels on Arbra nursed Gaarara and Sortha back to health. In appreciation for the help that the Rebels offered, Gaarara chose to stay on with them, offering help investigating and navigating the jungles of Arbra. As plans for a more permanent base evolved, and as his friend Sortha longed for bigger and better things, Gaarara left Arbra for a future with the Rebel Alliance vanguard.

Somewhat more savage due to his difficult background, Gaarara is a fierce ally and dangerous foe. For those who can see past his rough exterior, he proves to be fiercely loyal.


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