Dressellian Fringer


As the Empire tightened its grip across the galaxy, planets that formerly had little to do with galactic affairs suddenly found themselves host to occupying armies. Dressel was one such planet.

Rokarillo—Roke to his friends—grew up with aspirations of becoming a local hunting guide on Dressel, but stormtroopers put an end to such leisurely industries for the sake of quenching the Imperial thirst for raw material. Roke quickly found himself working forced labor alongside his fellow Dressellians to harvest his planet’s natural resources in an Imperial work camp.

Bristling under the harsh conditions imposed by the Empire, Rokarillo watched as his countrymen banded together to form a resistance movement and wage guerrilla warfare against the local Imperials. Roke himself, however, merely shrugged his shoulders—he knew the Empire wasn’t something that could be defeated.

Rather, Roke sought his own solution by bribing a shipping captain to take him off-planet, away from the Empire-imposed misery found on Dressel.

Wishing to break into smuggling but with no money for a ship, Rokarillo then began a career as a hired gun for smugglers working the Corellian Trade Spine, primarily in the Outer and Mid Rims. Over several years, Roke earned enough to launch his own venture.

Striking out on his own, Roke discovered regular clients could be tough to come by. He eked out a regular client base, but found himself in direct competition with a smuggler known as “Iggy.” Iggy and Rokarillo spent months stealing clients back and forth, undercutting each others’ prices, and constantly losing out to the others’ proposed jobs—until they met in a tense encounter in a cantina on Zhanox. There, Roke and the IG-79 unit agreed to put aside their differences and became partners, smuggling for their shared client base together.

This arrangement worked to both of their benefit for several years, until word of the Rebel Alliance’s destruction of the Death Star reached the duo. For the first time since he’d left Dressel, Rokarillo was forced to reexamine his belief that the Empire represented an immovable fact of the galaxy—for the first time, he felt able to imagine a future without its pervasive presence.

Roke had matured since he’d left his home planet, and while he tried to ignore this new call to action, he finally decided he could not. His people and other oppressed peoples of the galaxy needed him. He persuaded a skeptical Iggy to set aside their smuggling career, at least for a time, and to instead throw in their lot with the Rebellion.


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