Whistling Mynock



When IG-79 established himself as a smuggler, one of his first moves was to acquire an antiquated HWK-290. The ship Iggy identified came discounted due to the constant high-pitched whistling noise it emitted when flown in atmosphere; for Iggy, this was no concern, as he simply set his droid brain to tune out sounds at that frequency. Iggy christened the ship The Whistling Mynock.

Iggy was passable behind the yoke, but it was after teaming up with fellow smuggler Rokarillo that The Whistling Mynock really sang. As the two grew in success, they upgraded the ventral laser cannon, increasing its firepower and adding an inset gunner’s station in the floor of the ship—much to the amusement of the pair’s employers, who insisted The Whistling Mynock would be better off sold for scrap.

In addition to a pilot and co-pilot, The Whistling Mynock could accommodate up to six passengers and 75 tons of cargo. The HWK-290’s unusual cockpit design required that pilots flew the ship via camera through a set of holographic goggles, though Iggy could plug directly into The Whistling Mynock’s mainframe. Nevertheless, even Iggy would be flying with limited visibility if the camera was knocked out.

After joining the Rebellion, Iggy and Roke maintained The Whistling Mynock as their vehicle, though the ship’s limitations meant they were sometimes known to fly other starships as well.

Whistling Mynock

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