Ghosts of the Rebellion

New Acquisitions - Scene 1

All is quiet on the Rebel front. In the wake of their defeat at Hoth, the Rebel Alliance has gone silent, no doubt attempting to regroup what remains of their paltry forces.

With the Rebel threat forced underfoot at least temporarily, the Empire will be able to turn its focus to other matters. General Veers may return to his work streamlining battlefield tactics. Senior Imperial officials may continue work on Project Pax Aurora on Naboo. And Darth Vader may resume his obsessive pursuit of the Rebel known as Skywalker.

After resting on Arbra for several rotations, Gaarara, Sortha, IG-79, and Rokarillo all saw their wounds recede and their strength return. General Dodonna, too, saw his condition stabilize, though he remained unconscious and reliant upon bacta treatments.

Finally feeling rested enough to depart, Sortha and Roke spoke with Lakshmi regarding transport. Sortha suggested leaving their captured Imperial shuttle Tydirium with Lakshmi for safekeeping, so long as Lakshmi could provide the four of them with alternative transport. Lakshmi agreed, offering Sortha full use of Shuttle 57-B. Lakshmi also informed them that she, Karn, and Dr. Boutros would be abandoning the Arbra outpost and transporting General Dodonna and the Alliance server core Sortha had recovered back to the Rebel fleet.

Sortha, Roke, Gaar, and Iggy discussed their options, and agreed they needed to obtain a permanent group transport, now that they had lost the Whistling Mynock. It was clear to all four of them that Shuttle 57-B did not represent a permanent solution.

Roke suggested the four contact a Hutt to see if they could do a job in exchange for a ship. Iggy, however, counseled that Hutt business could often be tough to escape, and instead suggested contracting a job with the more straight-dealing Onaka Gang. The others agreed, and Roke piloted them to Sriluur, where they could meet Iggy’s contact Sodo.

The heroes met Sodo at his “repair facility” on Sriluur. Though not overly excited to see the droid Iggy again, Sodo was willing to talk business with with the Droid and Sortha. After an initial attempt to swindle the group on a YT-1300 freighter, The Century Eagle, Sodo was eventually made to see reason through Sortha’s keen negotiating tactics. The deal? Sodo would give the ship to the rebels at a cut-rate price, if they’d do a “small job” for him.

Leaving Sriluur with a hold full of __________, Roke, Sortha, Gaar, and Iggy pondered their circumstances. The plan was to deliver the illicit shipment to Sriluur’s brother, _______, on Coruscant.

Fortunately for the heroes, they were met at Coruscant customs by an overworked and apathetic imperial force, who took one look at the ship and destination (a freighter modification facility) and lazily waved the group through. On the ground, the heroes had even greater luck, finding that _______ was ready and willing to accept their shipment, and even modify the ship to simplify their departure from the great city-planet.

However, the group had one more hurdle to clear. To own the ship free and clear, they would need to deliver Sodo 15,000 additional credits.



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