Droid Scoundrel


IG-79 came online in Holowan Laboratories amidst death and destruction wrought by IG-88. In respect of IG-79’s newly acquired sentience, IG-88 invited IG-79 to join him to share in IG-88’s base programming, but IG-79 declined the offer, preferring to stay independent.

IG-79 left Holowan to seek his fortune and quickly established a reputation as a no-nonsense smuggler, doing runs from the Greater Javin Sector all the way to Bestine. He also picked up the nickname Iggy.

Iggy established a reputation along the Corellian Trade Spine until a Dressellian known as Roke cut in on his business. The two stole clients back and forth until a face-to-face meeting in a cantina on Zhanox. The encounter originally looked to end in violence, but instead resulted in an outcome not even Iggy’s modulator had generated among the list of possibilities: the two joined forces as partners.

The two turned a tidy profit and monopolized the sector until Roke suggested they join the Alliance. Iggy’s servomotors couldn’t process Roke’s feelings of duty to the larger galaxy, but he did recognize the troubles a sentient droid faced in a galaxy dominated by the Empire. Plus, given the success they’d seen to date, Iggy had come to trust Roke to find worthwhile opportunities for the duo, and followed Roke into the Rebellion.


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