Twi'lek Commander


Born on Ryloth, Sortha was always destined for great things. She was a natural leader from a very young age, skilled at tactical management and always comfortable in difficult situations.

Sortha’s skills of command, however, were not enough to protect her from the attentions of Trandoshan slavers, intent on delivering her into the galactic sex slave trade. Kidnapping her on the streets of Nabat, the vile Trandoshans quickly locked her in their ship, and headed off world.

Fortunately for Sortha, the Trandoshans’ next stop was Kashyyyk, where they had heard of a Wookiee camp outside the boundaries of Kachirho. As it turned out, Wookiees living in the dangerous jungles of Kashyyyk are no easy prey, and the slavers had to run for their lives as they were pursued by their intended targets in their own drop-ship.

Fleeing to Arbra to escape their Wookiee pursuers, the Trandoshans were shot down by Rebel forces secretly stationed on the planet’s surface. The unrestrained Trandoshans did not survive the crash, but in an ironic turn of events, the very restraints they used to keep Sortha captive also kept her alive and conscious, though seriously wounded as the ship smashed into the surface of Arbra.

It wasn’t long before Rebel forces freed Sortha, and brought her along to investigate the wreckage of the other ship they brought down, where they discovered the unconscious Gaarara.

Gaar and Sortha spent many long weeks recovering in the Arbra base’s medical facility. It was Sortha who eventually convinced Gaar that perhaps their whole experience was part of a greater calling, and that it was unquestionably time to throw in with the Rebel Alliance. Using her fierce negotiating skills, Sortha secured herself and her new ally passage on a Rebel cruiser, rocketing the two into an uncertain but honorable future.



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